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WindowWasher Microfiber Sleeve


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Product Description

Pulex Window Cleaning Tools: Microfiber Sleeve

Microfiber Sleeve

The microfiber sleeve by IPC Pulex is a highly efficient blue and white fabric (nap height 16 mm; 100% polyester) that removes dirt effortlessly with a tiny amount of cleaning fluid. Since the microfibers are one hundredth the width of a human hair, they can penetrate right into the tiniest pores in the surface of the glass and get out all the dirt. The coarse polyester yarn used in IPC Pulex sleeves acts as an abrasive, the finer yarn as a degreaser and absorbent. This combination of fibres, plus the special high-temperature (180°C) finish, gives a fabric with an exceptionally high cleaning power.

Available in sizes:

  • 10”, 14”, 18”
  • 22”

(VELL0162-M) Sleeve Microfiber 14″ (cat#79241.14)

(VELL0163-M) Sleeve Microfiber 18″ (cat#79241.18)




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