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Squeegee Pulex Rubber


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Pulex Window Cleaning Tools: Pulex Rubber


The rubber blade is the main component of every squeegee because it is the element that comes into direct contact with the glass and dirt. In the vast majority of squeegees on the market, the blade becomes deformed when it comes into contact with dirt, which is abrasive, or washing solutions, which are aggressive, or is exposed to atmospheric agents or is subjected to friction on window frames and under the eaves. This is precisely why TQR, Total Quality Rubber, came about, which makes IPC Pulex’s the only rubber blade used in a total quality squeegee.

All our rubber blades have to guarantee a perfect combination of three requirements; the type and nature of the rubber, the quality of the mix, and the cutting edge of the blade.

Our rubber is real vulcanized natural rubber (NR), which is compression molded, item by item, and must have consistent and homogeneous chemical and organic features. We process the raw material to obtain a mix with no impurities that guarantees the vital requisites of perfect molecular dispersion, cross linking, elasticity, snap, resilience, hardness, resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents, coloring and surface smoothness. This brings us to the third aspect, namely the perfection and  linearity of the blade’s cleaning edge, which depends on the cut made by precision machines and scrupulous quality control.

Seven golden rules of production ensure that all IPC Pulex products meet these stringent requirements:

  •   Only natural vulcanized rubber
  •   30 years’ experience in micro-filtration
  •   30 years’ experience in special additive mixing
  •   Single hot compression molding
  •   Single action cutting
  •   Total quality control: each blade is individually checked

(LGMI0018-S) Rubber Soft Blade 12″ (cat#79221.12)

(LGMI0021-S) Rubber Soft Blade 18″ (cat#79221.18)

(LGMI0028-S) Rubber Soft Blade 36″ (cat#79221.36)

(LGMI0018-H) Rubber Hard Blade 12″ (cat#79222.12)

(LGMI0021-H) Rubber Hard Blade 18″ (cat#79222.18)

(LGMI0028-H) Rubber Hard Blade 36″ (cat#79222.36)




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