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Scrapers & Blades


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Pulex Window Cleaning Tools: Scrapers & Blades

Scrapers & Blades

IPC Pulex scrapers and blades are all equipped with a blade cover and are used on windows, floors and various other surfaces. Three models have a 10 cm (4”) blade. The handle comes in three different lengths. The models are as follows: 1) with a plastic handle and 10 cm (4”) blade; 2) with a 25 cm (10”) aluminum handle and a 10 cm (4”) blade;  3) with a 120 cm (48”) aluminum handle and a 10 cm (4”) blade.

(RASC0021) Scraper Plastic Handle (cat#79451.p)

(RASC0022) Scraper ALU. Handle 10″ (cat#79451.10.a)

(RASC0023) Scraper ALU. Handle 48″ (cat#79451.48.a)

(RASC0020) Dispense w/10 Blades (cat#79451.disp)




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