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Squeegee Channel w/Rubber: SS/Technolite/Brass/Alum


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Product Description

Squeegee Channel: StainlessSteel/Technolite/Brass

The stainless steel squeegee, which has revolutionized the way in which professionals work, can be disassembled into three main components, the supporting channel, the rubber blade and the handle with a securing spring. The handle is flexible enough to be used as a scraper. The rubber blade support features a stainless steel channel in 9 different sizes and perfect linearity guaranteed by innovative ribbing, exclusive to IPC Pulex.

The channel is locked onto the handle by means of two teeth at the top of the spring that fit into the corresponding holes. These holes are at regular intervals so that the channel and rubber blade can be secured off-centre as required (see top left), and they increase  the reach of the squeegee so that you can get to the top of the window without using a ladder. The standard and soft versions of the rubber blade are fitted into perfectly straight channels to improve functionality, even in the largest sizes. The handle comes with a soft rubber grip and can be fitted onto a telescopic pole.

Available sizes include:

  • 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″,
  • 20″, 22″

(SUPP0152) Channel 12″ Stainless Steel (cat#79201.12)

(SUPP0155) Channel 18″ Stainless Steel (cat#79201.18)

(SUPP0159) Channel 12″ Technolite (cat#79202.12)

(SUPP0161) Channel 18″ Technolite (cat#79202.18)

(SUPP0166) Channel 12″ Brass (cat#79203.12)

(SUPP0169) Channel 18″ Brass (cat#79203.18)

(SUPP0145) Channel 12″ Aluminum (cat#79204.12)

(SUPP0148) Channel 18″ Aluminum (cat#79204.18)


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